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Dirty little angel

Rotting in the sky

dirty angel
26 June 1985
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I live in Minnesota.
I'm a mother.
I'm a fiance.
I'm a fuck up.

If you want to know more just ask. Or don't. It doesn't matter much to me.

One day I might take this journal more seriously and make it pretty. If you would help with that I'd love you. If not oh well it will be plain.

I try to write once a week at least. But sometimes I have nothing to say.
Increasingly I feel like expressing myself in anyways is a pointless waste of energy. I'm so tired.
abuse, affection, alice in wonderland, aliens, anime, art, attention, bdsm, beauty, being myself, bitching, biting, blood, blunts, body paint, bondage, bones, bongs, books, breasts, candles, cartoons, cheap jewelry, concerts, corsets, costumes, criminals, cutting, cynicism, darkness, death, demons, designing clothes, destruction, dolls, drawing, dreams, dyed hair, edge play, elegant gothic lolita, emotional abuse, erotica, fairytales, family, fashion, fetish, fighting, fine art, fire, fishnets, francesca lia block, friends, girly rock, glitter, gore, gossip, gothic fashion, graffiti, guns, hair, halloween, harajuku, horror movies, humiliation, incense, injured loli, injury, japanese street fashion, knives, lbg, leather, lingerie, lipgloss, lips, literature, love letters, lust, magic, makeup, manga, marijuana, mark ryden, martial arts, metal, money, movies, music, my friends, nightmares, originality, pain, painting, pandas, parties, passion, perversion, petticoats, piercings, pigtails, pink, pixies, playing dress-up, poetry, portraits, posing for pictures, pot philosophy, pouting, psychology, rape, razors, reading, recovery, rejection, romance, sarcasm, self-injury, serial killers, sewing, sex, sexual abuse, shock, shoes, shopping, smoking, spray paint, stickers, stockings, stories, struggle, suffering, sugar, surrealism, survivng, sweet kisses, takashi murakami, tattoos, the human mind, theatre, touching, tourture, tragedy, uniqueness, vampires, video games, violence, weed, wheat thins, writing